R: Racing Evolution

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Не переступайте черту, за которой вас начали бы бить в реале. Только вместо драки у нас прдупреждения и баны. Будьте взаимовежливы насколько это возможно. Ваши враги любят стучать на ваши оскорбления и тем самым отправлять вас в бан.
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R: Racing Evolution Features licensed cars, 11 real-world and fantasy tracks, and 8 different race types (Circuit, Rally, Drag, etc…). You can chose between 4 game modes: the Racing Life Mode, Time Attack Mode, Arcade Mode and Vs. The Racing Life Mode focuses on the human-natured competitiveness of racing and gives players a cinematic story of two female racers and their rivalry. Also featured in R is the "New Interactive Driver AI System" that enhances realistic racing situations. The system is indicative of the pressures that drivers feel during real races. Races can be won or lost depending on how a driver reacts to pressure from other racers. In-game communications allow for incoming transmissions from crew members and even in-race trash talk from rival drivers!