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The [email protected] is a music game ported from the arcade to Xbox360™. The game lets players create and manage cute singing sensations. Choose from a number of available girls, dress her up in your favorite way, train her how to sing and dance and try to make a big star out of her.

Despite the short turnaround time to turn your girl into a star within just a few week, the home console edition now lets you produce your idol within one year. Also included are updated visuals, animations and new songs.
In this innovative simulation game, you act as a producer and make your special girl's dream come true. That is, turn her into an idol! You start from the beginning, from choosing your special girl, training her, taking her to promotional events and auditions, arranging for her to go on TV to forming your own idol group. You are not only to take care of her professional needs, but personal needs such as arranging weekends and vacations for her. During these leisure activities, she might show you her hidden sides, depending on how close you are with her. These memories will be invaluable when she has to go to auditions or appeal to judges in these competitive events, not to mention that they also contribute to the progression of your relationship with her.

The more success you have bringing up your own idol group, the nearer you are to the top position in the entertainment industry: The [email protected]

With The [email protected] Live for You! Find out more about the potential idols you are working with!
позже игры этой серии перебираются на портатив
на псп выходят 3 части на дс одна
As an idol producer, you have the power to change an ordinary girl to a nation wide idol. Widely popular in the arcades and on Xbox360, the game is now available on PSP, take your idol fledgeling with you wherever you go to show her off and do promotions. As a newbie producer, you have to pick a girl, see her character and design a career path for her. Take her to lessons and to competitions as well as auditions for more public exposure. You sole aim in this game is to mould an ordinary girl into a star.

Push her idol rank up and see special events, the closer the two of you are, the more successful a producer you are. So be sure to get to know the girls properly before taking them to important auditions. Starlight and glamour comes hand in hand, enjoy the story along with the singing and dancing.

Besides impressing fans, you have to take care of rivals. Another production
company has brought up a set of cute idols and its up to you to see the true potential in your girls and let them outshine all other competitors in public events.
[email protected] SP: Perfect Sun
The [email protected]: Dearly Stars
Dearly Stars switched the point of view from the producer to the idols themselves. This time you are not just in the back stage cheering them on, you interact with the production company, go to auditions and win the roles yourself.

Fear not, for you are not alone. Established idols such as Amane Haruka will show up to guide you along. Listen to their advice and see how your meeting with them will change your path.

Be sure to interact with the other two new idols who entered the company with you. In the world of entertainment, you can't live alone, network with your competitors, for they could be your ally some day
в начале 2010 они посещают японский хоум лайв концерт
в 2011 они возвращаюся на бокс360
также по ним сняли аниме
отзывы серия имеет неплохие ... arly-stars ... ering-star ... erfect-sun ... ssing-moon ... ve-for-you
Group: The idolmaster club
Local: Anime Family 08 (Brazil)
Cast: Plu moon as Miki/ Ariene as Azusa/ Mariana as Chihaya/ Maiara as Ami/ Maisa as Haruka
Song: Go my Way - The [email protected]

Track 02. Otome yo Taishi wo Idake!!
Vocals: Nakamura Eriko

Buy the DVD, or get the Blu Ray version if you like the video.

Track 01. THE [email protected]
Vocals: Nakamura Eriko, Hasegawa Akiko, Hara Yumi, Numakura Manami, Imai Asami, Wakabayashi Naomi, Nigo Mayako, Hirata Hiromi, Takahashi Chiaki& Takita Ju