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Не переступайте черту, за которой вас начали бы бить в реале. Только вместо драки у нас прдупреждения и баны. Будьте взаимовежливы насколько это возможно. Ваши враги любят стучать на ваши оскорбления и тем самым отправлять вас в бан.
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Pirate Medal

03 июн 2010, 11:13

1. A brand new opening animation and song (two variations).
2. With the exception of narration and internal thought, the game is fully voiced.
3. Additional new characters, new CG, and new bonus extras.
4. Additional new Events and Battle Stages.
5. A new and robust Item system.
6. Eruruu now has a special item technique for various stat/healing/damage effects.
7. Characters now learn unique special abilities and skills.
8. Characters can now perform Team Attacks with each other.
9. Characters no longer buy extra attacks with bonus points, and thus stat level-up costs are changed.
10. New tutorials are available for the new abilities.
11. All ero-scenes have been removed. Some CGs have been edited, while others have been replaced.
12. Random skirmish battles have been added, making the number of available battles no longer set.
13. You are allowed to deploy more characters per stage than in the PC version. Additionally maps are filled with even more enemies.
14. There is no longer a difficulty setting when starting a new game.